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Anti Ageing with Natural Essential Oil Products

Many people ask me “Is it really important to use anti-wrinkle products? How can I keep looking young and beautiful?”

Beauty for me is when you smile genuinely with a twinkle in your eyes, which makes people forget their life miseries and feel a whiff of freshness and positivity within.

Coming to skin, the important thing is to maintain your skin in a healthy state, wherein it looks fresh, vibrant and attractive. Not necessarily spotless and snow white. This body of ours is ageing every minute, and will show signs of growing old too, but what if we can slow down the process. This according to me is the most important thing to do.


Maintain this body as it was meant to be. Do not abuse it, deprive it and allow it to become unhealthy. We need to be aware of certain functions within ourselves and if we  are able to do that, then our major systems will slow down and the so-called wear and tear will be gradual. Our body gets energy and vitality from what we feed it, physically and mentally. If we can take utmost care of what is going inside in the form of food and thoughts, then we are on the path of achieving a balance.

What if one is constantly on some diet or the other, or depriving oneself of a balanced meal and at the same time trying to be an overachiever and taking on mental stress? What is going to happen to such a person?

Imagine if you overuse a machine without taking proper care of it. It is bound to get spoilt, will keep giving trouble and will not last long.

That is why people pay exorbitant prices for antiques. It is only because the buyer values the effort and input in terms of time and money required to maintain it in a good condition for a long time. The same goes for our body. A lot is required to maintain a healthy body and mind.

We need to:

– Nourish our body with beneficial nutrients from a balanced diet, and

– Feed our mind with good and positive thoughts.

This will help us to be calm, composed and balanced, and then without a doubt our bodies can live for many years with good health and vitality.

The problem is that with this fast-paced life consisting of endless commitments there is no time to nurture the body with the right food and we deprive it of rich nutrients. Hence it becomes important to apply the right and the best ingredients on the body to nourish the skin and make it look healthy.

The skin tends to absorb easily what comes from nature.

The advantage of essential oils is that its molecules are very small and can easily penetrate the natural guarding skin and enter the system.

There are many vegetable oils and butters that are skin-friendly and have no difficulty in making their way into the body.

Some vegetable oils get absorbed faster and some slowly.

The slow ones keep the skin moisturized for long on the outer surface.

Ultimately they all moisture the skin and muscles, giving them the right nutrients and power to remain healthy.

The important thing to remember here is that this feeding of the skin should be done on a regular basis. Along with this, if the right diet is chosen, with major vital nutrients, then the healthy result will be visible sooner on the skin.

At Aroma Treasures we are always striving to make products with the best of natural ingredients, with safe and skin-friendly ingredients derived from natural sources.

Our “Regenerating and Uplifting Oil,  is made with 100% natural oils. It is composed of Vegetable Oils like Apricot, Ashwagandha, Wheat Germ and Essential Oils like Patchouli, Rose, Spikenard. This oil can be used twice a day and it will show you a remarkable difference on your skin. Your skin will start looking youthful, fresh and glowing. Get ready for compliments.


Once a week treat yourself with a pampering facial with our Regenerating Youth Kit. It contains Aloe Vera Face Wash, White Nectar, Vegetable Peel, Neroli Water Skin Toner, Intense Firming Serum, Intense Firming Mask, Regenerating Uplifting Oil, Macadamia & Lotus Cream. In all the kit contains the following ingredients – Extracts of Aloe Vera, Chamomile, Lotus, Calendula, Hibiscus, Barley, Brahmi, Jaiphal, Liquorice, Papaya, Green Tea, Seaweed and Oils of Carrot, Geranium, Vetivert, Petitgrain, Neroli, Clarysage, Orange, Lemon, Grapefruit, Lavender French, Patchouli, Rose, Spikenard, Frankincense, Lotus, Rose Absolute, Apricot, Ashwagandha, Wheat Germ, Ricebran, Macadamia and Kokum Butter.

Just imagine that within an hour you are feeding the skin with so many vital nutrients. Try not to wash off the products from the skin. From the next day feed it regularly with the Regenerating and Uplifting Oil.

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