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Make Your Skin Winter Ready 

Winter is a season which most of us enjoy. Cozy weather, warm smiles, hot beverages, tasty food and holidays. But one thing which makes winters difficult for all of us is dry skin. We look around for all manner of moisturizers and remedies to bring back that healthy glow on our face.

Here are some easy everyday steps you can take to make sure your skin remains healthy and happy, even during winters.

1. Exfoliate your skin

Exfoliation becomes more important during winters. Dead cells in your skin and clogged pores would not let the moisturizer penetrate your skin properly. A mild scrub or a mask to exfoliate your skin is a must-have part of your regimen, particularly in winter. Pamper yourself with face scrubs, face masks once a week.

2. Stay Hydrated

Yes! Yes! Everyone says this and this is not rocket science. The reason is simple: we tend to ignore this in winters when the body doesn’t get thirsty as much as in summers. To keep your skin healthy and glowing you need to provide enough water. It is always good to track how much water you are drinking.

3. Don’t say No to SPF

Do you think you don’t need sunscreen in winters because it is not sunny outside? Well, remember the UV rays are still out there! Wear a light SPF and protect your skin from UV rays that not only darken skin but also hasten its aging!  

4. Moisturize

As winters can make your skin dry, you need the creams to retain long. You can start with a less thick formula and then increase according to the changing air. You also need to nourish your whole body with lotion to avoid dry skin problems. 

5. Bonus Tip

Try to include oils like almond and sesame in your bath. Oiling before a shower will make sure your skin gets more ability to retain moisture. And as a general rule, try and use natural products that do not harm your skin! Be good to your skin, be good to yourself.

Happy Winter!

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