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My Fragrant Journey

Going down memory lane it feels like the universe had a hand in guiding and nudging me in a particular direction. Rather unknowingly that path has led me to the place I am today, with the most wonderful people around me. We often hear that only good luck brings you to the right place at the right time. I couldn’t agree more and would like to add that luck can be generated by sowing the right seeds in life.

While in college, I had the opportunity to spend time in a well-equipped fragrance laboratory and familiarize myself with natural and synthetic material from across the world. With all this at my disposal, I experimented with the wildest ideas in blending fragrances for the cosmetic and agarbatti industry. From here the journey took me through the different branches of alternative systems of medicine and healing.

Homeopathy, Bach Flower Remedies, Magnet Therapy, Pendulum Dowsing, Pyramid power, Herbal remedies, Hatha Yoga, “Heal Your Life” by Louise Hay and Mindfulness Meditation  were  some of the different  systems I dabbled in. I found  that  applying a combination of these techniques helped in rendering relief for some of the issues people came to me with. But working with natural essential oils, understanding and using them to help people has come the easiest to me.

I  am grateful to nature for giving me many opportunities that served as challenges and for the guidance to help me formulate different blends of essential oils to treat the many issues  I’ve  came across over the years. Often, I would  ask friends or family if they had any physical or emotional issues and research those discomforts and finally making oil blends   for them. Overtime  we  were able to develop blends to  resolve  issues such as sinusitis, gas and cramps, muscular and joint pain, sleep disorders, mood swings, PMS, migraine,  acne  and skin  pigmentation,  bringing relief to scores of people.

As there were no schools teaching Aromatherapy in India at the time and with no means for a formal training, essential oils took over my life, organically teaching me everything required   to turn  my passion into  a profession.  The oils enticed  me  with their exotic fragrances  extracted  from  peels  of  fruits,  leaves,  roots,  wood  and  the  hypnotizing flowers.  I fell in love with all the oils. In fact, any kind of smell in the environment was just a fragrance, without  judgement of being  bad or  good.  There  was no looking back; we developed  many products with pure essential oils in them. Synthetic perfumes were a complete  no-no. All our products were  loved by our clients for their fragrance, feel, and results.

Life  did  not stop there,  it  opened many doors of  opportunity  I had never imagined before.  From a humble beginning in a shed in Mumbai to finally building a state-of-the-art  manufacturing unit  was a dream come  true. Having  patrons  ranging from top Bollywood  celebrities to  contestants of  Miss Mumbai beauty pageant, therapist from beauty industry and alternative medicine, all appreciating and using our products for last 17 years has been a great gift in this Journey with Fragrance for me.


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