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When my wife and I met up with our ex-neighbors after almost 10 years, the lady asked her daughter, who was 3 years old when she last saw us, if she remembered us. The grown-up girl instantly smiled and pointed to my wife’s toes and said she is the one who always had her toenails painted in red.

My point of telling this story is that, unaware as we are, people around us notice the little things about us. We tend to take great care of our hair, face, hand and nails, buying and applying the best of products on them. On a daily basis we wash our hands at least 5-10 times, our faces at least twice a day, but what about our toes? My point is not to have manicured nails, with flashy colors all the time, but to have clean feet and healthy nails which give you a complete look. If you notice, their position is such that they are constantly looking upon you, begging for your attention and asking to be looked after.

Our feet take us through various places, under different conditions and at most times these places are very unhygienic and dirty. Thus our feet are not only exposed to dirt, but to many other infectious elements prevalent in the atmosphere.

Most people only cut their toenails on a regular basis but they don’t do anything for infections around them which tend to make the nails brittle, discolored, and out of shape. Nails can easily get infected by fungi which create major issues.

There are a few basic things one can do to maintain good toenails or heal infected nails. Maintaining nails is easy but healing infected nails can take a long time and needs a lot of consistency in looking after them on a daily basis. If one is able to diligently follow a routine, then you can have very healthy looking toenails in a few weeks.

Going to a salon and getting a manicure done on a regular basis is a very good habit as it keeps your feet clean and prim. But just that will not make your nails healthy and infection-free.

A few things done at home regularly can save you from spending time and money for expensive treatments.

  • A very good habit is to put your feet up at least for a few minutes anytime during the day to improve the blood circulation.
  • Avoid hosiery made from synthetic fibers, wear footwear that covers your feet, especially if you walk regularly in dirty areas.
  • Expose feet to sunshine frequently. Avoid very tight footwear to allow the natural movement and maintain proper shape of toes.
  • For accumulated dead skin around the toes, take 10 g of Aroma Treasures Vegetable Peel, add water to it, make a paste and apply over your feet. Let it dry and with wet fingers lightly massage the skin to remove the loose dead skin. Then soak your feet in warm water for 15-20 minutes with a generous amount of Epsom salt, Himalayan salt, table salt and 15- 20 drops of rosemary oil, peppermint oil, lemon or orange oil. Dry them and massage with a teaspoon oil of sesame or almond, with 2-3 drops of tea tree and or rosemary oil. This should be done at least once or twice a week. Alternately you can also try Aroma Treasures  ready to use one time Mani-Pedi kit  at home to experience spa like Manicure and pedicure.

This luxurious Manicure & Pedicure has been specially formulated for maintenance of healthy Hands & Feet. A wide range of pure essential oils like Lemon, Tea tree, Basil, Chamomile have been blended to remove dead cells, clear skin from all impurities, relax, refresh and restore healthy skin.

Also on a daily basis apply the Nail Care oil of Aroma Treasures which will kill bacteria and slowly the oil will eradicate most of the infection in the nails, giving back to you a set of healthy looking nails.

So while beauty may lie in the eye of the beholder, it’s important that your beauty regime goes from your head all the way down to your toes!
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