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Pre and Post - Holi Skin Care Tips

The last two years have been unprecedented for all of us. Years of being inside the home, away from people and certainly, without any festive celebrations.

The festival of colours is right here but like last year, we will have to do away with big gatherings and public celebrations. However, that should dampen our spirits; Holi is also about forgetting sorrows and celebrating little joys of life. A tad bit of colour, lots of sweets and a splash of water—what is Holi without all the crazy fun?

The good part is you can always celebrate Holi at home with family and close friends because like they say, even two is company! So what’s stopping you? If it’s the fear of skin damage, fret not, we’ve got you covered. We get skincare experts to answer some of the most common queries regarding skincare around Holi.

Prepping Skin - Pre-Holi Skin Care Tips
One of the most crucial things during the Holi celebration is to prep the skin to handle the harsh effects the splashing of colours and water may have on it. The idea is to minimize skin damage. Here’s what you can do.

Hydrate The Skin
One of the most important steps before stepping out to play with colours and paints is to prep the skin with hydrating cream or face. This step also helps to build a barrier between the skin and chemicals and prevent them from penetrating and harming the skin. Before you go out to play this year, ensure your skin is well hydrated with a good moisturizer, and top it off with a waterproof sunscreen which will help prevent skin damage from heat, the sun and colours. Remember to apply sunscreen 30 minutes before stepping out of the house for maximum protection.

Care for Nails
Holi colours can stain the nail bed and also settle inside the nails and on the cuticles as well. They take forever to come off later! The best way to prevent this is by oiling the nails. Just a little bit of oil and rub it around the nails. You can also trim your nails and apply a clear nail polish to avoid nail staining.
Pro Tip: it’s advisable to use olive oil for this as it also helps in nail strengthening.

Protect the Body
Not just the face but the skin under clothes too can get damaged by the harmful sun rays and colour. While you take care of your face, don’t ignore the fact that the body also needs hydration. Wash yourself before playing Holi with a hydrating body wash and then apply sunscreen all over your body. Colours can seep in through clothes so protect the garbed skin too.
Pro Tip: Wear full-sleeved shirts and pants to minimise sun damage.

Stay Hydrated
While you carry water guns and balloons around to splash them at people, make sure to carry a bottle to drench your parched skin too. As you are mostly outdoors and under the sun, keeping yourself hydrated is much needed.
Pro Tip: It’s better to carry around your own bottle with detox water.

Post-Holi Skin Care Tips

Avoid Potent Formulations
Skin remains sensitive for a few days after Holi. It’s therefore recommended to give your skin a break from your regular skincare routine. Avoid alcohol-based toners, soap and any product with artificial colours and fragrances, as these can sensitise the skin leading to skin reactions during Holi. Avoid the use of retinol and exfoliating serums until skin is free from sensitivity, a few days after you’ve played.

Stick to Oil Cleansing
As much as deep cleansing is required post-Holi, it’s important to make sure that you don’t over-exfoliate the skin. As the skin is already sensitive during the time, skip skin exfoliation to remove colour stains. Don’t try to take off all the colour by scrubbing and tugging your skin. It will come off eventually. Instead, use oil cleansers to do so. And follow it with a moisturiser. If your skin is irritated, calm it with a soothing face mist or serum.

Be Careful While Showering
Don’t step in for a shower immediately after getting back home. Heading into the shower directly after playing is one big mistake you can do. Before showering, take cold-pressed coconut oil and apply it all over your body. Most colours are fat-soluble so use coconut oil to loosen the colours off your skin. Then wipe it off with a dry cloth before taking a shower. Also, no hot water shower! Go for cold or warm water only. Make sure to use only gentle
products including shampoo and shower gel.

Holi Dos and Don’ts - Skin Care Tips
● Avoid skin exfoliation 48-72 hours before and after Holi.
● Avoid any skin and salon treatment like cleanups and facials for a couple of days before and after the festival.
● Treat dry and dehydrated skin developed due to excess UV exposure and heat with an overnight hydrating mask. Use hydrating eye and lip masks too to soothe skin.
● Use Organic colours and avoid ones with copper sulphate, lead oxide, and
mercury sulphate.
● Use very mild, gentle products on your skin before and after playing Holi.

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