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Tea Tree - The Rock Star

Tea Tree— The Rock star

Tea Tree has become the latest blockbuster in the world of essential oils. It is reputed as a ‘cure-all’ oil and is used by many reputed companies in their products to cure skin and hair issues.

Some say the Australians have smartly marketed their produce, which has made the world look up to it with great respect. Some companies have launched and successfully marketed full ranges of skin care products based only on Tea Tree oil.

There is a beautiful story I had read about how Tea Tree oil was discovered. Many years ago some explorers travelling by sea landed on the shores of Australia, having exhausted many of their essentials such as food, medicines and tea. During their exploration of the land in search of food and other supplies they came across this particular species of tree that was growing in abundance. They found that the leaves had a peculiar fragrance and since their stocks of tea had exhausted they decided to make tea from these leaves. This continued for many days and weeks as they went about exploring the new-found land. After few weeks they realized that those who were regularly making and drinking tea from these freely available leaves noticed most of their skin and health-related issues disappearing. The others who were not drinking this ‘tea’ continued to suffer from many ailments, since their medicine supplies were also low. This realization made them look upon this new discovery as highly valuable and therapeutic and hence they gave it the name of Tea Tree, as they were using it primarily in the form of tea

Over a period of time the oil was distilled from the leaves and a lot of research carried out on its medicinal values. In due course of time, with the right kind of publicity and awareness, the oil became a rock star among all the essential oils the world over.

Tea Tree oil has anti-bacterial, antiseptic and strong anti-fungal qualities which makes its use important for many issues. Starting from the head it helps to control dandruff and minor skin eruptions.

On the face it excels all products in treating acne. Used regularly on your toes it helps to eradicate any kind of infection in the nails and make them healthy.

During times of viral attacks, when people are infected with cold and congestion, it can be used as a room vaporizer and it will bring great relief to the infected person and others inhaling the aroma will not contract the viral from the patient.

This essential oil helps the immune system to strengthen itself and fight diseases.

Normally it is said that one can use the tea tree oil directly on the skin, but never take it as a general rule and always do a patch test before doing so. It is always better to dilute essential oils before applying on the body.

Steam distilled tea tree oil is now available in 10 ml dropper bottles for easy dispensing.

Please feel free to ask us for any guidance on how to use this oil, the percentage of dilution and which base product to use for dilution.

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