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The sensation of touch is one of the most reassuring and heart-filling gestures we can experience and share with others. A touch with your hand can convey messages far more meaningful then what words will attempt to say.

When parents hold the child’s hand and talk or hug on a regular basis then children know they are getting love all the time and their hearts feel full. This child will not get swayed very easily by other people. On the other hand, if a child never gets hugs or enjoys the loving touch from elders then he or she will easily get swayed by any person and may end up getting exploited — physically and emotionally. But this is not limited to only children. All humans or rather all creatures need love through touch time and again for reassurance of being wanted and cared for.

Take the case of someone losing a near & dear one, the end of a romantic relationship or some failure in life; words spoken to them at that time may sound empty, but a pat on the back or shoulder, holding hands, a genuine, heartfelt, empathetic hug will give a lot of strength and assurance that there is a support system.

Touch is one of the main contributing factor which helps repair strained relationships. In today’s fast-paced life, imagine how one feels at the end of the day – travelling long distances to work, suffering so much physical and mental strain – Tired, right? With no stamina for anything else, one just wants to eat and sleep. Intimacy slowly disappears as each member takes the other for granted and a healthy mode of communication with your partner is lost somewhere. This can easily be avoided. A couple can improve their relationship and make it exciting by the sense of touch.

One way to relieve this strain is to give a massage to your spouse on his/her shoulders, as usually the shoulder area takes the maximum pressure of stress, then comes the back and legs in case of physical exertion. Simple massage steps will ease stress levels as the massage will release the muscular tension, which in turn will help in reducing mental tension.

Another  approach  to alleviate  stress is to give  a back massage with an aromatic oil -while massaging,  avoid  putting  pressure on the spine as you may inadvertently cause an  injury.

You can take the Evening Bliss oil, which is a blend of lavender, vetivert, geranium and ylang essential oils. The combination of these oils helps to calm the nerves, release stress and tension and ensure sound sleep enabling one to get up fresh and cheerful, ready to take on the day with joy and enthusiasm.

Each oil has individual therapeutic values and their aromas help release stress and balance emotions. Also, when one spouse massages the other, there is an energy exchange and the receiver’s body assimilates energy from the giver. When a couple gives and takes regular simple massages from each other, their need to go and look outside for love completely disappears. Their relationship improves and there is a lot of joy, peace, calmness and love in their lives. And Love should always prevail..

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